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ENNews 13.04.2017

Death Penalty in 2016

Amnesty International published the report on the use of death penalty in 2016. Belarus is the only country in Europe where the death penalty is still possible. It restored executions in April 2016 after a 17-month break. At least four people were executed in the last year.  Death penalty Europe and Central ASIA

ENNews 13.04.2017

“Democratization” in Belarus

Freedom House published annual survey of democratic reforms Nations in Transit 2016. For the first time since the first survey in 1995, there are now more consolidated authoritarian regimes than consolidated democracies. And what is the result of Belarus in this rating? It´s consolidated authoritarian regime with the democratic score 6,61 (1=most democratic, 7=least democratic). The worst-rated category is „Judicial Framework and Independence“ with the worst possible score 7. Even other categories are not rated much better.

AktuálněZprávy z Běloruska 06.04.2017

Co čeká televizní kanál Belsat?

Dlouhověkost běloruského autoritářského režimu vedla k tomu, že občanská společnost začala postupně rozvíjet svoji vlastní mini-infrastrukturu za hranicemi Běloruska, ale přitom zaměřenou na jeho občany.

БеларускаяНавіны 06.04.2017

Што чакае тэлеканал “Белсат”

Доўгі век аўтарытарызма прымусіў беларускую грамадзянскую супольнасць ствараць сваю ўласную міні-інфраструктуру. За межамі Беларусі, але накіраваную на насельніцтва ўнутры Беларусі.