Are you a school or university teacher?

You can provide your lectures for publication on the website of an independent Belarusian humanistic institution.

Literature, modern history, journalism, philosophy, and other social sciences are among the more popular topics. We will translate the lectures into Belarusian, and we will publish them on a website in Belarus that is used by several thousand students (16 years and above) as study materials. They do not have access to many interesting topics at public schools. Send us your proposed topics or your lectures and articles at

Do you work at an elementary or a secondary school? Is your school interested in cooperation with Belarus? It will undoubtedly be beneficial and enriching for pupils from both countries. We cannot fund the exchange, but we can provide contacts for schools in Belarus who could be interested in cooperation.

We can also organize a lecture or a discussion about Belarus, Belarusian civil society, and human rights at your school. Let us know if you are interested at