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Torture Victims in Belarus: A Country’s Open Secret

The crowdfunding campaign for Belarusian photographer Max Sarychau was launched. He wants to create a serie of portraits of victims of cruel and degrading punishment in Belarus.

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Civil society support

                  Our aim is to promote the development of contacts between Belarusian and Czech NGOs, universities, and other educational institutions. In order to achieve this aim we organize study visits, facilitate networking and information exchange, and provide counselling. We post information about study visits, scholarships, and other […]

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European Radio for Belarus

          Euroradio is a Belarusian media organization founded by Belarusian media professionals and registered in Poland in September 2005. It has a legally accredited Correspondent Bureau in Belarus and 10 accredited journalists, including the Editor-in-Chief. Its main aim is to assist young Belarusians aged 15-35 to realize their right to freedom of […]