ENNews 26.02.2018

Transparency School 2018

Transparency International School of Integrity is the leading summer course on anti-corruption in the world.

ENNews 28.01.2018

Belarus in Focus 2017

BELARUS IN FOCUS 2017 – 7th edition of an international competition for journalists writing about Belarus in international media is accepting articles published between January 1st and December 31st 2017. The deadline for applications is March 15th 2018.

Civil society support, ENNews 29.07.2017

Torture Victims in Belarus: A Country’s Open Secret

The crowdfunding campaign for Belarusian photographer Max Sarychau was launched. He wants to create a serie of portraits of victims of cruel and degrading punishment in Belarus.

ENNews 13.04.2017

Death Penalty in 2016

Amnesty International published the report on the use of death penalty in 2016. Belarus is the only country in Europe where the death penalty is still possible. It restored executions in April 2016 after a 17-month break. At least four people were executed in the last year.  Death penalty Europe and Central ASIA

ENNews 13.04.2017

“Democratization” in Belarus

Freedom House published annual survey of democratic reforms Nations in Transit 2016. For the first time since the first survey in 1995, there are now more consolidated authoritarian regimes than consolidated democracies. And what is the result of Belarus in this rating? It´s consolidated authoritarian regime with the democratic score 6,61 (1=most democratic, 7=least democratic). The worst-rated category is „Judicial Framework and Independence“ with the worst possible score 7. Even other categories are not rated much better.

ENNews 23.03.2017

Open Letter to the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka

Dear Mr. President We, 48 undersigned organizations from 24 countries, strongly condemn the continuing wave of detentions and harassment of peaceful protesters, journalists, human rights defenders, civil society activists, anarchists and opposition party members in Belarus. Most of the detentions and harassment are linked to participation in peaceful protests demanding the cancellation of Presidential Decree […]

ENNews 06.02.2017

Belarus at the crossroads of international relations

The efforts to change the perception of Belarus in the world, to strengthen relations with the West, to receive as much foreign investment to support the weak Belarusian economy as possible, and at the same time not to jeopardize relations with Moscow – these are the most discussed topics in Belarusian international relations in recent months. In the second part of our interview, we had the opportunity to discuss these issues with a leading analyst of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, Dzianis Melyantsou.