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The Civic Belarus International Association was founded in 2004 with the aim of universally supporting democratic initiatives and civil society development in Belarus.

The Association seeks to support non-governmental and non-profit organizations in Belarus, including those citizens’ initiatives that have been deprived of the opportunity to operate legally by the Lukashenko regime. The aim of the association is to support the development of Belarusian NGOs and to develop their mutual cooperation with Czech partners. Civic Belarus also seeks to transfer the Czech experience of social and political transformation to Belarus.

Founders and members of the association

  • Václav Havel, playwright, writer, former president of the Czech Republic
  • Petr Bratský, senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic
  • Jan Ruml, former interior minister and senator
  • Petruška Šustrová, translator and journalist
  • Jaromír Štětina, senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, journalist
  • Martin Vidlak, a collaborator of Václav Havel
  • Petruška Šustrová, the director of the association.

Contact us

Žitná 27, 110 04 Prague 1, Czech Republic
+420 774 522 733
info @ civicbelarus.eu

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International Civic Belarus Association
Bělohorská 266/27, 169 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic
Company ID: 26996570

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Our Projects

European Radio for Belarus

Euroradio is a Belarusian media organization founded by Belarusian media professionals and registered in Poland in September 2005. It has a legally accredited Correspondent Bureau in Belarus and 10 accredited journalists, including the Editor-in-Chief. Its main aim is to assist young Belarusians aged 15-35 to realize their right to freedom of expression and information by providing independent broadcasting to Belarus. Euroradio broadcasts 24 hours on Satellite and Internet; time slots for cross-border broadcasts on FM are provided via a partner station from Poland.

Civil Society Support

Our aim is to promote the development of contacts between Belarusian and Czech NGOs, universities, and other educational institutions. We organize study visits, facilitate networking and information exchange, and provide counseling. We post information about study visits, scholarships, and other Czech projects intended for Belarus on the website of our association.

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