Let's give courage to the Belarusians

There is a repressive regime in Belarus, similar to the one in Czechoslovakia at the time of communism.
But Belarus also has people who fight for freedom and a better future for their country.

To support them we have launched a public collection.


  • to support political prisoners and their families in Belarus (for example, medicine for prisoners, support for families who often, after the imprisonment, find themselves in need of a caretaker),
  • to support people and their families who have been the victims of political repression by the Belarusian state authorities (for example, in cases of expulsion from the university for political reasons),
  • the provision of legal aid to those charged and arrested in connection with political matters in Belarus,
  • to support non-governmental organizations and independent media that have come under pressure from the Belarusian state authorities.


By making a transfer into a transparent account: 2900120912/2010. You can monitor the account activity