Europe is waiting for the young “volunteers” of Lukashenko?

Belarusian Republican Youth Union is the largest official youth organization in Belarus.

It has been created to continue the tradition of the Soviet Komsomol and has a de facto monopoly in the state youth policy. Even a person who does not know much about the Union can tell by the numbers: more than half a million young Belarusians are members of the Union, while the financial support from the state is 98% of the total public expenditure on youth policies.

Separate branches of  BRYU are even created in the army, the interior troops of the Ministry of Interior and the police itself. It should be noted that the internal forces and the police are the most rigid during the suppression of meetings and demonstrations in Belarus.

However, in recent years the organization has also been promoting its social projects, such as the charitable project “Good Heart”.

As it turned out, there are no special requirements for organizations who send out volunteers in the charter of EVS Erasmus + program. This fact was used by the Belarusian Republican Youth Union.

It is too early to say what will the cooperation between pro-government volunteers with European partners bring. Nevertheless, there is already information posted on the site of BRYU about summer work of its volunteers in Poland, where they were helping with renewing the landscape of a cemetery of Soviet prisoners during the II World War.